Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Yesterday Truths

Mind has a tendency to fabricate things. It can create a mountain out of a mole. Freud has shown that out of a simplest desire that might have occurred during the day, the mind can fabricate a whole reasonable, full-fledged dream during night. now, if one has occurred such a dream and he sets out to understand, interpret or decode it, probably he won't be able to do so. he won't be able to come to conclusion that the real root of the dream was that small desire. 
And I think that's how our life has become also. what we call human nature, human tendencies, human truths are results of the past situations our minds have gone through. this includes both childhood upbringing and evolutionary history. that's common, i know. its probably called evolutionary psychology. But what I want to say is that what philosophers and psychologists and spiritualists tries to discover through rigorous thinking and practice can be extracted and reached to through this relatively simple method. They discovers a human truth and makes it feel like something sacred and very important for future, although in reality there is nothing divine in can simply be the result of some practical situation our ancestors faced in finding food. that tendency is now, when food is easily available, buried into our unconscious and is giving birth to and controlling our passions and thoughts. humanity is the result of its past. there is nothing divine about it, nothing at all. we have repressed too much in the past. our unconscious is very large. this mind, this clever, creative, always-trying-to-be-reasonable mind has mixed up and matched up every unconscious attribute in order to make sense and that grand story fabricated by it now is called human nature. 
Now, Psychoanalysis, as freud said, means making the unconscious conscious. it wants to bring out the root of trouble i.e. that memory. so, can the same method be applied for realizing the truth of life and universe also?
maybe Meditation, which they call the way to truth, is this same method. or maybe not. but one thing is sure: what has been regarded sacred and holy by religions isn't so holy objectively...and not the truth for sure.

We are what we were.
Yesterday's truths are today's living lies.

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